5 באפריל 2024 – סדנה מעשית של פרופ’ Andre Saadoun

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הנכם מוזמנים לסדנאת Hands on בנושא The Gingival Smile אותה יעביר Prof. Andre Saadoun ביום שישי, 5 לאפריל 2024 במרכז להשתלמויות ברפואת שיניים, בין השעות 8:30 – 13:00.

הזמנה לסדנה של פרופ' סעדון

Diagnosis, Classifications and Clinical Applications From Conventional to Digital Approach

Gingival Smile is most of the time a problem for the patient, and it could result from different abnormalities and is often a combination of several ones.

Since the Gingival Smile is of multifactorial origin, it cannot be solved until an esthetical and etiological diagnosis has been established.

Establishing an Adequate Classification and a Correct Diagnosis, would definitely help the clinician to choose the most appropriate Surgical Procedure to prevent any recurrence of the Soft Tissue over the Teeth and achieve an Optimal Esthetic Result

Crown Lengthening Procedure, is ONE of the Surgical Treatment Modality to achieve a Beautiful Smile, and/or an Apically Repositioning of the Biological Width, Create the normal Teeth Proportion, harmonize the Gingival contours, treat the Gingival Smile, .

The utilization of CBCT, Digital Smile Design and Digital Workflow, have change dramatically the Treatment, establishing a More Precise Diagnosis and using of a new Type of Surgical Guide to perform the surgery in a more precise and minimal invasive way.

The new Biological Width will take about 6 months to heal, histologically which suggest to wait this minimum time to restore any teeth in the esthetic zone

Therefore, restoring the normal Biological Width is the principal objective at the end of each surgical session to Prevent Recurrence of the excess of soft tissue and esthetic complications.

The objective of this presentation is to establish a precise diagnosis for a well-planned surgical strategy using the Conventional or Digital Approach in order to give a satisfactory smile to the patient as defined in the accepted treatment plan.

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